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A Family of Fireworks Fanatics

Before I dated my husband, the closest I came to fireworks was viewing them on the Washington Mall with strangers.  My husband is a devoted family man and works long hours as a surgeon saving lives. But when it comes to fireworks, he’s really charged.  This man drives to every show in town and some…

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Monumental Moonlight

Attention all Washington Area residents: Go Do Something Fun! Surprise yourself with a moonlight stroll among the Presidents. I love taking the Metro downtown to the Smithsonian stop or L’Enfant Plaza. Both drop you close to Constitution Avenue. Point yourself in the direction of Abe or perhaps Thomas.  Wander among Franklin and his companions, Eleanor,…

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Sante Fe – Besides Great Architecture and Food, Jewish History too!

Walk the festive streets of this must-see destination, and you will step back and forth in American history. Wander the streets unhurried, and you will be treated to conversations with pleasant, informative street vendors selling handmade art.  This is a pedestrian friendly city with beautiful parks scattered throughout. Santa Fe has the more outdoor sculptures…

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Why I Love My Hometown

What makes the Washington Area home? Living in the Nation’s Capital feels like sharing an apartment with a daunting giant who rules the world while we, his roommates, go quietly about our business. We live in the shadow of power.  While some of our neighbors make decisions that affect the globe, we’re trying to remember…

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