Red, Rant and Rave

Fun at the Caps Convention 2011

The horn blows and the “crowd” sitting on my couch is screeching. I hold my ears as I walk by. Next I hear screaming and cursing. A minute later, cheers and the slapping of hands. This is hockey season.

I can’t exactly remember when we evolved into a “hockey family.” I can’t find the puck when I watch the games. But my family has high def which makes it oh so easy they say. I doubt that 3D would make a difference to my eyes.

The family is having an uproarious time. I have to watch the tiny television in the kitchen if I actually wanted to check on the news or watch Grey’s Anatomy.

For years now we’ve bought red things–red hats, red shirts, red, red, red, red. That’s because they love the Capitals and their motto is “Rock the Red.” If you enter into the Washington Area Metro on many winter nights you’ll see a Sea of Red coming toward you or moving toward the Verizon Center where the Capitals play.

The city has been dying for a decent sports franchise for so many disappointing years, so they cling to dear life to the first winning team we’ve had in decades.

I can’t blame them. The guys who play hockey are pretty cute, but they always seem to have bandaids on their faces and broken teeth. I heard a joke that said, “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

Sure they’re fighting, but I hear that’s part of what makes it exciting. Apparently, it’s standard that players are out there hitting each other with sticks, banging each other into the boards, pummeling each other when they think the ref isn’t looking.

But it’s on national TV boys, so it’s going to be seen by someone. They’re getting tougher with players. They want them to live to see their grandchildren and not suffer from a horrible concussion that leads to early dementia.

I hear from my kids that the players aren’t thinking about that. Most are so young, barely twenty and making lots of money. More than they could ever make doing anything else. That’s why they go on and play when they’re hurt or recovering from injury.

My family isn’t thinking about this when they’re watching. They’re just ecstatic that Ovie scored another goal and Mike Green blocked the last attempt. It’s brought my family together. They want to take up ice skating. They play with their sticks and pucks on the driveway. I laugh and bandage them up when they come in.

But that’s sports for you. Let’s get together and Rock the Red!

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