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Growing up Green — Montgomery Farm Women’s Market

The Montgomery Cooperative Farm Women’s Market in downtown Bethesda is bustling during Wednesday’s lunch hour; a mixture of aromas fills the air. One customer examines fresh-off-the-vine strawberries; an elegantly-dressed woman returns her empty milk bottle for a refill; a couple departs holding a bouquet of scarlet zinnias; high school boys roam the aisles chewing ginger…

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Red, Rant and Rave

The horn blows and the “crowd” sitting on my couch is screeching. I hold my ears as I walk by. Next I hear screaming and cursing. A minute later, cheers and the slapping of hands. This is hockey season. I can’t exactly remember when we evolved into a “hockey family.” I can’t find the puck…

Getting the jersey signed at Meet the Caps event

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Best Outdoor Dining in Bethesda

Here in the suburbs of DC, we’re occasionally treated to an evening when balmy temperatures bid us to dine al fresco. Many Bethesda restaurants have moved tables and chairs outside to accommodate patrons seeking a meal under the stars. My picks for outdoor dining spots, though you’re only steps from busy traffic, you’ll feel transported…

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