Pittsburgh: Just Ducky

Waiting for the Ducky in Pittsburgh with my family

See the World on a Ducky Tour

After wiping saucy eggplant parmesan off my face and simultaneously marveling at the bargain price of the enormous sandwich I bought on “the Strip,” I decide to hop a ride on a Just Ducky Tour. When the metal tank heaves itself into the water, the kids onboard hold their breath. But it makes no splash. The Ducky creeps silently and slowly below the junior skyscrapers of Pittsburgh, their rows of windows reflecting a bright July sky. It’s humid in Pittsburgh, but much cooler on the water, and the Ducky’s steady progress conjures up a breeze. Ducky vehicles were manufactured by women, during World War II, which explains why they still work perfectly 68 years later. A fat mother goose squawks angrily seeing the Ducky re-emerge from the Allegheny River onto the sidewalk. Pedestrians wave when Ducky riders yell, “Honk Honk” as instructed by their guide. Cheering from Pirate Stadium adds to the lyrics of the city.

Pittsburgh at Night
Pittsburgh at night

Next, our Ducky cruises underneath one of the 446 bridges spanning Pittsburgh’s three rivers, the sound of cars bumping along above sends riders into nervous giggles. In the distance, the 140-year-old incline cars pass each other at the same leisurely pace as our Ducky. Comparing Pittsburgh to other cities reminds me of the turtle and the hare story. It may not be the fastest or the most flashy city in America, but its visitors still come out a winner with some dough left in their pocket and spice on their tongue.

Pittsburgh is the best bargain destination of 2017 according to USA Today! Put it on your must visit list!!

On Mt. Washington at the top of the Incline
Pittsburgh is a city of bridges
Riding the Incline
Don’t miss riding The Incline on a visit to Pittsburgh
Schenley Gardens--a Must See Spot in Pittsburgh
Schenley Park and Gardens are incredibly beautiful year round.







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