Mom Made – Why Homemade is best for kids

 Heather Stouffer is living the life made famous in Diane Keaton’s movie “Baby Boom.” When entrepreneur Stouffer, 32, was pregnant, she said the most pressing issue on her mind was feeding her baby.  Stouffer comes from a family of foodies; her brother started the gourmet grocery store, Balducci’s, and her mother was a chef.

At first Stouffer sought out healthy, organic food for her son Emory.   After coming up empty handed, she began to make her own.  Stouffer used family recipes and ground up organic fruits and veggies.  Friends asked her to make extra, and soon she realized there was a huge void in baby food market.  She and her husband took out loans and began her company called Mom Made.

The food is prepared and then fresh frozen into scoops to heat and serve.  Her products were only available in the Washington DC Area at first. By the end of 2007, Mom Made was introduced in health food grocery stores up and down the Eastern seaboard.  She is busier than she has ever been and loving it. Emory is still her tester, and she has expanded into products for older children now.

Stouffer says, “Babies develop their palate between the ages of zero and two.” She believes using spices and variety at an early stage will help build up a baby’s acceptance to different tastes. Nutrition experts such as Julie Leopold, R.D. of Inova Fairfax Hospital, concur.

Stouffer is articulate and passionate about her company. She represents the mission most of us share, doing work that we love and providing a healthy lifestyle for our kids.

Making pasta from scratch at Chef Bryans Kitchen in Rockville
Making pasta from scratch at Chef Bryans Kitchen in Rockville





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