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Visit Barcelona: City of Wonders

During my visit to Barcelona in November, I absorbed the flavors and friendliness of this extraordinary city. Barcelona is an adult’s Disneyland, where just walking the streets is a magical experience. The city throbs with life, energy and culture. From the street performers serenading visitors by the Catedral de Barcelona (pictured above) to the nightclubs…

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Take Me Back To Lisbon

It’s not unusual for me to long for a place after I leave. Yet there are so many incredible destinations in the world, I seldom re-visit places. Lisbon is an exception. I’m going back. My whole family fell in love with the country of Portugal. We adored the friendly people, hearty food, temperate climate, mysterious castles and lush gardens. From the romantic…

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How to Tour The White House

It’s not hard to get a tour of the White House if you have flexibility with dates and times. You must apply through your local Congressional representative’s office, and it’s absolutely free. Here’s how to set up a tour of the White House and what you’ll see inside and outside. When I applied to visit…

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