15 Washington D.C. Attractions that Require Advance Tickets (and how to make them)

Before you travel to Washington DC, it’s important to plan your visit by making advance reservations at many popular attractions. Keep in mind, some of these remain closed due to the Covid pandemic and some are limiting the number of visitors. It’s important to check out each website for the latest on when these destinations are welcoming visitors back.

Entering the busy National Archives is much easier when you make advance reservations.

1 National Archives 

Where to get tickets: archives.gov/museum 

Tour times: Guided, Every 15 minutes beginning 10:30 to 90 mins before close 

Adult cost: $1.00 

Notes: walk-ins allowed, but Fast Pass is recommended  

The only way to tour the White House is with advance reservations obtained through your Congressperson or your embassy.

2. The White House 

Where to get tickets: whitehouse.gov Must go through member of Congress. 

Tour times: Mon.–Thu., 7:30–11; Fri.–Sat., 7:30–1:30  

Max days ahead: 180 

Min days ahead: 21 

Notes: Background check is required. 

The U.S. Holocaust Museum offers walk-in tickets but in the busy seasons like spring and summer, it’s best to make advance reservations for a timed ticket.

3. US Holocaust Museum 

Where to get tickets: ushmm.org 

Tour times: 9:45 am – 4:45 pm  

Max days ahead: Same day and advance tickets online  

Notes: Passes required Mar-Aug, not required September – February 

4. Treasury Building 

Where to get tickets: Must go through member of Congress. 

Tour times: Sat., 9, 9:45, 10:30, 11:15 am 

Max days ahead: 180 

Min days ahead: 21 

Notes: Background check is required. 

The Washington Monument Observation Area opened in 2019! You must reserve an advance ticket to ride the elevator to the top.

5. Washington Monument 

Where to get tickets: www.recreation.gov 877-444-6777 

Tour times: 9 am – 5 pm 

Adult cost: $1.00 processing fee 

Notes: Some same day passes on first come/first serve available  

6. Pentagon 

Where to get tickets: pentagontours.osd.mil 

Tour times: Mon.–Fri., 9–3 

Max days ahead: 90 

Min days ahead: 14 

Notes: submit request, must show ID (passport, driver’s license, permanent resident card) 

You can visit the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center but it’s best to order tickets in advance, though some walk-ins are available. For behind the scenes tours, you’ll need your Congressperson to help you with arrangements.

7.  U.S. Capitol 

Where to get tickets: visitthecapitol.gov for tickets 

Tour times: 8:50–3:20 weekdays only 

Max days ahead: 90 

Min days ahead: 1 

Notes: Some same day passes available, Gallery Passes obtained through Congressional representative  

8. Ford’s Theater National Historic Site 

Where to get tickets: fords.org for Historic Site Visit 

Tour times: Daily, 9–4 

Adult cost: $3 

Max days ahead: 90 

Min days ahead: 1 

Notes: Also Timed Same Day passes 

You’ll need advance tickets to visit Ford’s Theatre Museum

9. Department of State Diplomatic Reception Rooms 

Where to get tickets: diplomaticrooms.state.gov 

Tour times: Mon.–Fri., 9:30, 10:30, 2:45 

Max days ahead: 90 

Min days ahead: 1 

Notes: Fine Arts tour, not appropriate for children. 

Background check may be required, tours cancelled periodically. 

10.  Frederick Douglass National Historic Site 

Where to get tickets: nps.gov/frdo 

Tour times: Daily, 9, 12:15, 1:15, 3, 3:30 (walk-ins only), 4 (Apr.±Oct.) 

Adult cost: $1.50 

Max days ahead: 90 

Notes: Same day passes available 

Frederick Douglass House and Museum in Anacostia

11. President Lincoln’s Cottage 

Where to get tickets: lincolncottage.org 

Tour times: Mon.–Sat., 10–3; Sun., 11–3 

Adult cost: $15, Kids $5 (should be 6 or older) 

Max days ahead: 90 

Min days ahead: 0 

Notes: Advanced tickets required. On site tickets are sometimes available. 

President Lincoln’s Cottage in the Old Soldiers Home is a worthwhile and lesser known tour. Some walk-ins are allowed. But it’s best to reserve a timed ticket.

12. Bureau of Engraving and Printing 

Where to get tickets: Tickets required on day of visit beginning at 8:30 am.  

Tour times: Mon.–Fri, 8:15–8:45, 4–4:45 

Max days ahead: 90 

Min days ahead:  

Notes: Tickets only required Mar-Aug; can be picked up at ticket window for other times. 

You can do a walk-in tour of the Folger Shakespeare Library, Museum and Theatre, but to tour the Reading Room, you’ll need advance reservations.

13. Folger Shakespeare Library 

Where to get tickets: folger.edu 

Tour times: Saturday at noon 

Max days ahead: 60 

Min days ahead: 1 

Notes: This is for READING ROOM TOURS; regular tours do not require tickets. 

14. FBI Experience 

Where to get tickets: Security approval required. Must go through member of Congress. 

Tour times: Mon.–Fri. 9 am -4:30 pm 

Max days ahead: 35 

Min days ahead: 21 

Notes: No Federal Holidays, must be 16 or older with government issued ID 

National Museum of African American History and Culture offers tickets in advance and some walk up too.

15. National Museum of African American History and Culture 

Where to get tickets: Timed entry passes available online, required on Saturday and Sunday 

Tour times: Mon.–Fri. 10 am -5:30 pm 

Adult cost: free 

Max days ahead: 90 days 

Notes: Walk-in entry on Monday-Friday from 1 pm until close on March-August 

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