Where to Sample 39 Craft Beers In DC

Inside City Tap House DC
Inside City Tap House DC

City Tap House is one of Washington DC’s Best Craft Beer restaurants. Located in Washington DC’s Chinatown/Penn Quarter, the restaurant showcases 39 artisan beers on tap–wheat, bitters, fruits, lager, Belgian, Porter and Stout–as well as an imaginative, thoroughly satisfying menu of America’s best regional dishes.

City Tap House has 40 Beers On Tap which you can see through a glass window

The selection of high quality craft beer is unsurpassed, and City Tap House offers the option of a tasting size or a large pour, so you can sample several, but savor your favorite. Each selection is curated with a high level of expertise, and includes a few local brews–DC Brau Natas, Devils Backbone Vienna Lager, 3 Stars Samsquanch and Atlas Brew Works Rowdy are on tap at the moment.

Sure the beer is first-class, but we were also struck by the richness of the dishes and the depth of each preparation. Everything felt like it was made lovingly and served with enthusiasm.  Some standouts on the menu are the hearty appetizers–we preferred the crispy sweet corn and crab hushpuppies with honey thyme butter, and the chipotle glazed St. Louis ribs with celeriac and apple slaw. Among the entrees, the Duroc Pork Collar with cheddar grits and collard greens channeled me back to my two years in Kentucky as it melted on my tongue. All the portions are generous–perfect for sharing.
 City Tap House’s rustic touches and comfortable decor nestles you in with a warm glow, and despite having a very popular bar, it’s possible to carry on a comfortable conversation in the dining areas. We know DC is full of welcoming restauranteurs, but the folks here make you feel like you’ve been invited to their homes for a family meal. Everyone who works at City Tap House seems to be excited about this restaurant. And so are the customers. The place was packed on a Tuesday night!
 The decor is a warm and inviting space with many smart touches–a private room, large yet cozy bar spaces, and the popular tasting table near the open kitchen. Best of all, seeing all those beers on tap through the window clearly asserted–this is not your father’s beer pub!
 City Tap House DC is located on 901 9th Street NW. Check out their nightly specials on this menu. They’re serving brunch on weekends at 11 am. Is that too early for a flight of beers?
St. Louis Ribs a favorite menu item
Located near DC’s Chinatown in Penn Quarter
Hushpuppies at City Tap House DC
Baby Kale Salad at City Tap House
The bar at City Tap House DC
Duroc Pork Collar and Scallops Special at City Tap House DC

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